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SE UCH Uniqueamora's Amazing Adele fick Exc med CK
1a i Championklassen, BTKL 2 med NORDIC R-CERT
idag i Västerås ihop med sin matte Mikaela
Stolt över er!!! Heja heja

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23 februari 2018
C-kullen hälsar på pappa Varoun Bruno
24 januari 2018
Låt oss presentera... C-kullen!
30 maj 2017
Lycka till Odd
30 maj 2017
Lycka till Dexter!
20 maj 2017
Lycka till Candy!
11 maj 2017
Lycka till Amazing!
11 maj 2017
Pyssel till B-kullare
7 maj 2017
B-kullen växer och växer
4 maj 2017
Utställnings planer för lilla Jade

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6 monts old soon 🥰🐾 Living in Danmark ❤️


Happy Birthday to C-litter who turns 2 years old today 🌟🐾💕❤️🥰


Many Christmas wishes from puppies and there owners 🙏💕❤️🐾🌟 You are so amazing everyone!!! 🌟 From us on Uniqueamora's


Jakita says thanks for all Birthday wishes on her day 💕🐾 She had a wonderful day 💕


First holding little Jakita in my hands 🥰💕❤️❤️❤️


Happy Birthday to Jakita on her 8th Birthday 🥰💕🐾 Mother to Jezebel Jizza and grandma to all puppies, soon hopefully old grandma too 💕🐾


"Did you just say Candy?" 😍😋 Grandma Jakita with Jade 🐾




Beautiful 🐾🥰 Uniqueamora's Derived Dragon @mittelspitz_ninja 💕


Uniqueamora's Daily Delight ❤️


Uniqueamora's Dazzling Diamond 🐾❤️ Thanks for the photo owner Kristina Valfridsson ❣️


Vist Uniqueamora's Desired Destiny today 🐾😍 3 months old ❣️


Uniqueamora's Admired Amina ❤️


Uniqueamora's Desired Destiny STELLA 🥰🐾 Soon 3 months old 😍 Picture taken of @ramqvist02 👍 Thanks to let us share it 😊


Happy Birthday to Elvis, Tarzan, Märta, Lilleman och Cissi 🐾💕 hope you got a really cozy day with a lot of candy 🍗🍖🥩 @raraunderbara @annamortensson @_ikaela


This is lovely Sättertorpets Joker 🥰🐾 Father to Jezebel and Jizza, grandpa to A, B, C and D litters puppies 💕👌 @jokerthemittelspitz


Now I can happily tell that we are waiting for Jade to begin her period (in December sometimes) so will she date this lovely boy!!! ❤️ Both eyes and patella free 🙏🌟 E-litter plans 💕🐾 So exciting and I have 4 that wait for a puppy after this two, so are you intresting let me know 🌟


Uniqueamora's Brightening Beauty 🌟 Eyes U.A and Patella is 0/0 🐾😍💕❤️ We are so happy!!! 🙏


Happy #autumn 🍁🍂🍃


Then we have waved goodbye to Tjalfe (Uniqueamora's Daily Delight) who went with the ferry over to a neighboring country Denmark, where he will get the top good at rara Jane Madsen 🐾💕 Wish you big big luck, will follow you with excitement ❤️🌟 He will be a small star in the exhibition world I think 😋 And above all he will be overwhelmed with love ❤️💕 For the meeting between him and Jane was really love at first glance, the top felt good 🙏 🐾


Yesterday the girls left the nest ❤️🐾 Kira (Uniqueamora's Dazzling Diamond) moved far away in our elongated country to lovely Kristina with family, which it will be so fun to follow on your journey together Good luck, you are two lovely girls who will be a super team 🌟❤️ Sen Stella (Uniqueamora's Desired Destiny) who moved to her feed host Nathalie, whom you are close to greeting 🙏🌟❤️ She will get so good with you and the whole good family, so much love Feels so wonderfully good !!! Wish you all the best 🐾 You know where I am girls ❤️ Hug us all at the kennel


Everyone went through the inspection at the vet yesterday 🐾🥰💕


Uniqueamora's Awesome Amigo 🥰💕


Little sister in D-litter loved her Big Brother 🥰💕


Sister (from B-litter) and brother (from A-litter) 🥰💕 With same mum and dad ❤️


It is always so fun to visit their breedings with families 💕💕💕 Here is Uniqueamora's Awesome Amigo TARZAN from A-litter 😍🐾 Thank you wonderful tottis with his family @annamortensson for always just as nice visit 🙏❤️


Today we went on our first drive in the car, it was svart at first but then we did it well ❤️👍


Kira ❤️🐾


Hugo 🐾❤️


Jason 🐾❤️